Memories of a wonderful time in Switzerland

I wrote this essay now, reading it as if I had found years later.

Botanischen Garten

“Then I took the job in Zurich Bohemia restaurant. I was very lucky, my German, experience and European citizenship, fit with the expectations to have it. Bohemia, a top restaurant in Zurich.

Was difficult to adapt myself in the SwissCultureJob (very stressful and with a lot of responsibilities), but knew it was just a job, and at the end of the day what I will count was the freedom to have my apartment and my space, that things I always wanted to have. That was only the beginning and that I was not going to work about this for the rest of my life. The following steps were to work in a hotel, growing up in a company, make my money and then develop a hotel or cultural center in Argentina, Uruguay or Italy.

That I will use my free time to grow with my writing and music and it would give me something to eat at some point in the future. That at some point I was going to completely devote myself to what I’m passionate about: being an Story Teller in words and in music.

The good thing of working in a restaurant was that I could talk to customers and practice German with them, and also with my colleagues, was much better than those months working as Au Pair without being so connected to people. Like I did in Buenos Aires working at the hotel. But now in Zurich.

And it was a job, and that had to have my respect, because I was lucky to have a job, and important was to give me the possibility to make my own life, and time dedicate myself to what fascinated me.

The requirement was to smile and enjoy. Although it was difficult for me because having long worked as a waitress, as I was used to be bipolar: (antipathetic, when someone I do not like and friendly when someone is cool, at the same time)

Where the difficulties were, there were space to grow. There were opportunities. There was a way to enjoy life more.

I thought about what Dario had told me when I came to Switzerland. Tere, where’s your Super power you had in Baires?

When I came to Switzerland in March last year many roads were opened and it was a great challenge for me. Confidence, sun, friends, “do my way” seemed to have been left somewhere in the Pistarini Airport in Ezeiza.

Today I return to me, to connect with the energetic and active Tere. Doing my life according to my ideals and being as true I can be to myself.

Smiling despite the bad as well have my power of joy always with me.

So if I was ever energetic and active, it was possible to return to that. To reconnect with that spark, give up bad thoughts in the morning telling me: sleep, you are tired! And transform them for: so good a new day!

Apparently I was afraid to be the club of those who do well in life and it seems that nothing bad interferes in their life to get wrong. Because sometimes I like being nasty and rare.

Tere, a successful woman, with positive and radiating energy.

The road was getting ready for that. And there I was, taking my first steps.