Lo bueno que está por llegar


Mi vida ahora en Zurich, parece ser hasta ahora, mucho más diferente a la que dejé en Argentina.

“Esa niña solía volver a casa después de un largo día de trabajo, del restaurante o del hotel y se sentía encantada por la luna llena…
Se imaginaba teniendo una vida para ella misma, en Europa, en una casa con mucha tranquilidad, rodeada de gente que la apreciara, como ella es realmente. Disfrutando hacer lo que le dictara el corazón, viviendo sin interrupción, con mucha pasión, con tantas cosas lindas y buenas para contar.”

Estar conmigo misma

A veces siento que echo de menos el apoyo de mis padres, quiero decir, ese abrazo y esa sensación de estar contenida bajo cualquier circunstancia. Ellos me aman, y es un hecho.

Supongo que nunca se imaginaron que una de sus hijas tomaría la decisión de irse a vivir a Europa. Y que -Manual para padres- se escribedía a día en cada familia. Es en la experiencia donde los padres van armando su camino de aprendizajes.

Pero a pesar de esa carencia física, pude salir adelante.



Zurich de noche

Armar una vida en Zurich

Después de dos años en esta hermosa ciudad me estoy dando cuenta de que todo lo que gané en este tiempo, y de que gran parte de esto, fue por mérito propio. Que aprendí a contenme y estar presente para mi misma sobre todo en las malas circunstancias. Que puedo ser capaz de ser mi propia dadora de abrazos cuando necesito y a desearme feliz cumpleaños y soplar las velitas, feliz, en mi compañía.

Aún sigo aprendiendo a darme cosas a mi misma, porque cuando estás con vos misma, sos tu propio motor, y es un camino interesante.

No estoy tan lejos de ser la mujer que quiero ser y lo bueno es que aún, queda mucho camino por recorrer.

“Y ahora las noches, en el camino a casa, tienen un sabor diferente. Me siento contenida al caminar bajo el encanto de la luz de la luna y celebro por todo lo que soy, por todo lo que he ganado, por todo lo que será, y por todo lo bueno que está por llegar”.



The art of travelling and going back home

The main objective of my holidays on Paris (and Belgium) was as the calendar describes:


Going on holidays to Paris


A view from Pont Alexander

I came back to the city of the lights after two years, but this time, by myself. And that was not an issue at all, I love to travel alone.

Some cities works good as a catalyst. I guess Paris is one of those.

A few months passed since I broke up with my ex boyfriend, and I was looking forward to take some days out of Zurich. To see myself in another atmosphere, implement some positive changes into my life. To have another feeling of my daily living that can contribute to live better and to get closer to the life that want to be living .

As a result I found Paris an ideal city to implement this changes.

  • First, because on every corner you will find a nice Bistrot to take a café au lait with delicious croissant au beurre, that french bakers are masters of making our mouths happy.
  • Second, because the buildings are perfectly-cozy-charming, that you feel welcoming even if we are talking about a block of cement and bricks. And don’t forget to mention the trees and parks that blooms at the beginning of spring season with the smell of freedom.
  • Third, their bridges. When the twilight comes and you find that you are with yourself staring at the Pont Alexander and at the back, the Tour Eiffel is starting to light the city, you feel like you are on an eternal postcard perfect, to send to your parents.
  • Fourth, because of the people. Yes, I must say I’m not a friend of the particular way of being of the Parisens. But even, I discover on my journey that I could do whatever I want without giving explanations, I just was there with myself, and that was what counted. And if I should meet someone interesting, life would do something to make it happen.
  • And last because the song of Joe Dassin says “Au soleil, sous la pluie, à midi ou à minuit” Paris is enjoyable every-time.

I must say that also that waking up on my comfortable double bed at my room, with view from the balcony to the Tour Eiffel and have the Champs Elysees at 5 minutes made my journey more than Parisian. Yes, god bless Airbnb!

And back to life in Zurich


It’s a melancholic way that Alain de Button has, when talking about travelling matters, on his book A week at the Airport. But I guess that we all end up believing in this idea, that our return tickets promise also, a magical coming back home. Even, in return we end it up receiving a strange feeling of loss.

And this, could makes us wonder… why this days when we travelling where unique, and how can we do to have this feeling also on our days in life? Or something that tell us we should made an extreme change in our lives.

Perhaps move to somewhere? Perhaps change our unhappy job? Perhaps go forward to the dream which still -luckily- have?



Memories of a wonderful time in Switzerland

I wrote this essay now, reading it as if I had found years later.

Botanischen Garten

“Then I took the job in Zurich Bohemia restaurant. I was very lucky, my German, experience and European citizenship, fit with the expectations to have it. Bohemia, a top restaurant in Zurich.

Was difficult to adapt myself in the SwissCultureJob (very stressful and with a lot of responsibilities), but knew it was just a job, and at the end of the day what I will count was the freedom to have my apartment and my space, that things I always wanted to have. That was only the beginning and that I was not going to work about this for the rest of my life. The following steps were to work in a hotel, growing up in a company, make my money and then develop a hotel or cultural center in Argentina, Uruguay or Italy.

That I will use my free time to grow with my writing and music and it would give me something to eat at some point in the future. That at some point I was going to completely devote myself to what I’m passionate about: being an Story Teller in words and in music.

The good thing of working in a restaurant was that I could talk to customers and practice German with them, and also with my colleagues, was much better than those months working as Au Pair without being so connected to people. Like I did in Buenos Aires working at the hotel. But now in Zurich.

And it was a job, and that had to have my respect, because I was lucky to have a job, and important was to give me the possibility to make my own life, and time dedicate myself to what fascinated me.

The requirement was to smile and enjoy. Although it was difficult for me because having long worked as a waitress, as I was used to be bipolar: (antipathetic, when someone I do not like and friendly when someone is cool, at the same time)

Where the difficulties were, there were space to grow. There were opportunities. There was a way to enjoy life more.

I thought about what Dario had told me when I came to Switzerland. Tere, where’s your Super power you had in Baires?

When I came to Switzerland in March last year many roads were opened and it was a great challenge for me. Confidence, sun, friends, “do my way” seemed to have been left somewhere in the Pistarini Airport in Ezeiza.

Today I return to me, to connect with the energetic and active Tere. Doing my life according to my ideals and being as true I can be to myself.

Smiling despite the bad as well have my power of joy always with me.

So if I was ever energetic and active, it was possible to return to that. To reconnect with that spark, give up bad thoughts in the morning telling me: sleep, you are tired! And transform them for: so good a new day!

Apparently I was afraid to be the club of those who do well in life and it seems that nothing bad interferes in their life to get wrong. Because sometimes I like being nasty and rare.

Tere, a successful woman, with positive and radiating energy.

The road was getting ready for that. And there I was, taking my first steps.


Cada historia tiene un comienzo/Every story has a begin

Bienvenidos a bordo al blog de Wondertere.

Welcome on board to Wondertere’s blog. English below

¿Quién es Wondertere?

Me llamo Tere tengo 24 años, nací y me crié en Argentina. Soy de Martínez, un pequeño pueblo cercano a Buenos Aires.
Me crié en una familia numerosa. En total somos  7 hermanos. Imaginen el caos tan divertido que era mi casa. Mis padres, ambos trabajadores, se aseguraron de que no nos faltara nada. Mi infancia fue normal. De chiquita tenía un gran interés en aprender sobre la panadería, el arte y la artesanía.


Cuando llegué a mi quince años (o antes) las cosas empezaron a cambiar y empecé a toparme con algunas limitaciones. Primero empecé a desarrollar mi personalidad, a manifestar mas fuerte mis intereses. Y en casa con tanta gente, y no tener mi propio espacio, era muy difícil enfocarme en mis sueños y creaciones. Entonces me di cuenta de que era difícil visualizar mis metas en un país bello e increíble pero no tan (políticamente) bien desarrollado.

Buenos Aires

Me enamoré de Buenos Aires: estar rodeada de poesía, cafés y arquitectura europea fue la clave para empezar a imaginar una vida en Londres (y creer que algún día pronto hablaré el acento inglés de Harry Potter) y (por último pero no Menos) convertirme en una escritora de habla inglésa.

El sueño se hizo realidad y …

Después de trabajar como camarera, y recepcionista en un hotel, para ahorrar dinero para el viaje… en diciembre de 2013 lo conocí a él: un italiano que vivía en Suiza, de quien me enamoré perdidamente.

Así que en marzo de 2014 llegué a Madrid donde él me esperaba. Viajamos a París (tan romántico) y luego al destino final: Zurich. En abril me invitó a celebrar mi cumpleaños en Londres. Viví un sueño con mis propios ojos.


Pero Londres no era exactamente como me esperaba. No estaban esos días lluviosos e inspiradores en un café escribiendo ensayos desde el corazón. De hecho, la primera cosa que me llamó la atención de Londres fue ritmo tan veloz y la altura de los edificios antiguos y modernos. Me sentí como una hormiga en un lugar donde mucha gente vivía el frenesí de estar todo el tiempo comprando. (Fui una segunda vez después, todavía me impresionan estas cosas, pero logré descubrir su encanto)

A pesar de que mi sueño era Londres. Europa simpre fue el lugar en el que quería vivir. Y bueno, Dario, una de las razones por las que venía acá. Sabía que no iba a ser fácil.
Cada comienzo tiene un primer paso. Incluso, ahora que nos separamos, me di cuenta de que no había nada que perder.

Y entonces Zurich se convirtió en la ciudad para hacer realidad los sueños que siempre tuve en mente…

Bienvenidos a todos!

Sigan conmigo en este diario las aventuras de Wondertere. Un espacio en donde lo imposible es siempre alcanzable 🙂

Who I am?

My name is Tere I am 24 years old, born and raised in Argentina. In Martínez, a small town close to Buenos Aires.
I was raised with six siblings. Imagine such a funny chaos my home.  My parents both workers were sure that we have all our need fullfilled. My childhood was normal. When I was a kid I had a big interest in learning about bakery, art and handcraft.


When I got in my fifteens (or earlier) things became to change. I started to find some limitations. First I started to develop my personality. And at home with so many people, and not having my own space, was very hard to focus on my dreams and creations. Then I realized that was difficult to visualize my goals in a beaaaaaautiful and incredible but not so (politically) well developed country.

Buenos Aires

I felt in love of Buenos Aires: being surrounded by their poetry, cafés and European architecture was the key to start picturing myself in London (and believing some day soon I will be speaking English Harry Potter’s accent by the way) and (last but not least) to become an English Writer.

So the dream came true and…

After working as a waitress (and in a hotel) to save money for the trip, on December of 2013 I met him: an Italian living in Switzerland to whom I truly felt in love.

So on March of 2014 I arrived in Madrid where he was waiting on me. We traveled to Paris (so romantic) and then to the final destination: Zurich. On April he invited to celebrate my birthday in London. Living my dream with my own eyes..


But London was not exactly as I expected. There were no inspiring rainy days in a coffee to write heart-to-heart essays. In fact the first thing that caught my attention of London was the speed and the high of it’s old and modern buildings of the city. I felt like an ant in a place where a lot of people were getting crazy to buy stuff. (I went a second time after then, still impress me these things, but I found a new enchantment)

Even though my dream was that, Europe was the place that I wanted to settle my life and he one of the reasons I came here. I knew that was not gonna be easy, every starts begins with a first step. Even, now that we broke up, I realized I had really nothing to loose so…

Zurich became the town to make that dream happen.

Welcome worldwiders!

To follow the diary of this crazy Wondertere that believes that the impossible is reachable 🙂