The art of travelling and going back home

The main objective of my holidays on Paris (and Belgium) was as the calendar describes:


Going on holidays to Paris


A view from Pont Alexander

I came back to the city of the lights after two years, but this time, by myself. And that was not an issue at all, I love to travel alone.

Some cities works good as a catalyst. I guess Paris is one of those.

A few months passed since I broke up with my ex boyfriend, and I was looking forward to take some days out of Zurich. To see myself in another atmosphere, implement some positive changes into my life. To have another feeling of my daily living that can contribute to live better and to get closer to the life that want to be living .

As a result I found Paris an ideal city to implement this changes.

  • First, because on every corner you will find a nice Bistrot to take a café au lait with delicious croissant au beurre, that french bakers are masters of making our mouths happy.
  • Second, because the buildings are perfectly-cozy-charming, that you feel welcoming even if we are talking about a block of cement and bricks. And don’t forget to mention the trees and parks that blooms at the beginning of spring season with the smell of freedom.
  • Third, their bridges. When the twilight comes and you find that you are with yourself staring at the Pont Alexander and at the back, the Tour Eiffel is starting to light the city, you feel like you are on an eternal postcard perfect, to send to your parents.
  • Fourth, because of the people. Yes, I must say I’m not a friend of the particular way of being of the Parisens. But even, I discover on my journey that I could do whatever I want without giving explanations, I just was there with myself, and that was what counted. And if I should meet someone interesting, life would do something to make it happen.
  • And last because the song of Joe Dassin says “Au soleil, sous la pluie, à midi ou à minuit” Paris is enjoyable every-time.

I must say that also that waking up on my comfortable double bed at my room, with view from the balcony to the Tour Eiffel and have the Champs Elysees at 5 minutes made my journey more than Parisian. Yes, god bless Airbnb!

And back to life in Zurich


It’s a melancholic way that Alain de Button has, when talking about travelling matters, on his book A week at the Airport. But I guess that we all end up believing in this idea, that our return tickets promise also, a magical coming back home. Even, in return we end it up receiving a strange feeling of loss.

And this, could makes us wonder… why this days when we travelling where unique, and how can we do to have this feeling also on our days in life? Or something that tell us we should made an extreme change in our lives.

Perhaps move to somewhere? Perhaps change our unhappy job? Perhaps go forward to the dream which still -luckily- have?


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